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Dear Clients,

Please note that we will be collecting all Christmas orders until 10th of December. 

Due to our experience, we know how busy that time is, how busy we are and make all deliveries on time before Christmas is the huge challenge. Thus, if you know what kind of product would you like as a gift do not wait and please order it as soon as possible because some models may not be available at the end. 

Additionally, Please be informed that we are on two Christmas Markets:

Exeter Cathedral Christmas   Market 15/11-16/12/2018 
Southampton Christmas Market 15/11-23/12/2018

Thank you and Regards,
Kiec Garden Product

Garden windmill

Have you ever dreamt of a rustic garden with miniatures of rural windmills? A garden where you could imagine little people trimming the grass, bringing water in wooden buckets and rest in the shadows cast by flowers and bushes? Do you want to enrich your garden by planting a garden windmill? We can make it possible. We have created an unique garden windmill especially for you, which can become visiting card of you and your house.

Garden Windmills

A charming giant woode windmill that will make a great feature in any garde.

This decorative wooden windmills sails that will rotate in the wind create a lovely atmospere in your garden.
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A stunning look that takes your garden to another dimension

Our charming miniature windmills are made of tanalised wood and crafted with precision and attention to the details. The wings are made from many delicate little bars which look fragile but are both lasting and durable. Each windmill is of high quality and it can last for years in your garden. Our customers' satisfaction has become the philosophy of our company. We pay special attention to ensuring that every garden windmill represents uncanny workmanship. We use carefully selected wood that is resistant to all weather conditions.

Garden windmill is not everything what we have prepared for you

To diversify your garden’s landscape you can also add some of our wooden men who will make an adorable decoration and functional flowerpot holders. They will complete the rustic atmosphere and make you smile every time you look at them. Flowerpot men, colourful flowers and shining sun – can you see it in your imagination? Probably, it’s a perfect vision of truly idyllic space around your house.

Why do our windmills deserve your attention?

First of all, they are unusual. It is very hard to find something very idyllic like our garden windmills. Good quality combined with an inspiring look is the result of the work of our designers. Our wooden windmills are made with real passion. Furthermore, we created our company to make our customers really happy.

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items